Strategic Communications

Strategic Communications

Strategic Communications

Strategic communication is critical in order to successfully convey key messages to audiences. Our goal is to help you design a communication strategy that assists in managing public relations, operational and reputational challenges.

We Offer: 

Media Training

Press Release Writing and Distribution

Key Message Development 

Web and Online Communication 

Content-Based Marketing

Digital and Social Media Management 


Organizational Planning

Strategic Communications

Strategic Communications

Organizational planning is the continuous process of systematically making plans with the greatest possible knowledge of the future; organizing the activities needed to carry out the plans; and monitoring the results of the plans through feedback. 

We Offer: 

Crisis and Reputation Management 

Campaign Development 

Policy Recommendations 

Executive Leadership Coaching

Product and Program Launch Planning

Organizational Succession Planning

Professional Development Training and Workshops



Public Engagement

Strategic Communications

Public Engagement

We utilize a wide range of both face to face and online engagement tools to actively involve and empower participants to express their views. This generates authentic feedback which increases stakeholder confidence in both the process and the outcomes. 

We Offer: 

Public Engagement Planning

Town Hall Meetings Facilitation

Leadership and Stakeholder Forums 

Focus Groups Facilitation

Surveying and Feedback Reporting